China Is Dropping Its One-Child Policy

After more than three decades of imposing a limit of one child per family, China is allowing all couples to have two children.

China Is Dropping Its One-Child Policy
Getty Images / ChinaFotoPress

After more than three decades, China is dropping its one-child policy. 

That's according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency, which reports that all couples can now have two children. No other information was provided. 

The one-child policy was originally implemented in 1980 as an answer to China's mounting population growth. (Video via NBC)

It worked, and China's birth rate dropped from 2.7 births per woman in 1981 to just 1.6 births in 2015

The policy was previously relaxed in 2013, allowing couples to have a second child if either of them were a single child themselves.