Chris Christie Booed At Times Square Super Bowl Event

At a Super Bowl event Saturday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie faced some booing from a crowd at Times Square.

Chris Christie Booed At Times Square Super Bowl Event
The Star-Ledger / Aristide Economopoulos

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

CHRISTIE: “Good afternoon, everybody. You’ve heard enough speeches of the same thing.”  

That’s booing you hear in the background. Christie was at an event in Times Square Saturday celebrating next year’s Super Bowl which will be held in Arizona. (Via WPVI)

By KYW-TV’s count, the embattled governor only spoke for about 30 seconds —

“Congratulations to the NFL and congratulations to the host committee. Thank you all very much.”

— and rushed off the stage without taking questions. ​

All that just just one day after news broke that one of Christie’s former political appointees at the Port Authority was suggesting the governor knew about purposeful lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. (Via CBS)

Allegations that have dogged his administration since they were first reported. Christie has repeatedly denied involvement. (Via NJTV)

So you could say the sampling of boos from the crowd at Times Square Saturday might indicate the governor’s still got some work to do to convince his critics.