Colo. Officials Respond To 420 Mile Marker Theft Problem

The Colorado Department of Transportation changed the 420 mile marker sign to 419.99. The change comes after the original sign kept getting stolen.

Colo. Officials Respond To 420 Mile Marker Theft Problem

The Colorado Department of Transportation had to get a little creative after thieves kept stealing the state's infamous 420 mile marker on I-70. Take a look.

"State troopers moved the sign back just a smidge and made it 419.99 mile marker ... The Department of Transportation says it's working very well." (Via WJXT)

Touche, CDOT. The number 420 is associated with marijuana, which makes the 420 mile marker sign a target for prankish stoners. A CDOT spokeswoman confirmed the unusual sign is, in fact, real and said the change is "sort of an innovative way for us to keep the sign there." (Via The Coloradoan)

The sign was put in place within the past year. But not everyone is sure the number change will keep thieves away.

"Now I'm thinking they're going to steal this one."

"They'll want that even more."

"Where else will you find one that says 419.99. It's a collectors item, you know, so I think that one's history also." (Via WTVT)

"I hope you're happy with the hot box decoration because now the rest of the state can't drive by and enjoy it. Now we're left with 419.99." (Via KTVD)

A writer for PolicyMic says the state’s comical response to the mile marker situation is "awesomely appropriate" and shows a change in the relaxing attitude towards the drug.

Which makes sense because as of Jan. 1 Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use. (Via The Guardian)

We’ll see how long the new sign lasts. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the state has run into this disappearing mile marker sign problem before.  

"This isn't the only fractional mile marker sign. In Larimer County there is a mile 68.5 sign."

"Ha ha ha!" (Via KRDO)