Comedy Central's Nathan Fielder Behind 'Dumb Starbucks'

In a press conference Monday, Fielder revealed he was behind the faux Starbucks chain. He says he plans to open another location in Brooklyn.

Comedy Central's Nathan Fielder Behind 'Dumb Starbucks'
Los Angeles Times / Christina House

The mystery brewing over the weekend finally came to an end Monday when Comedy Central's Nathan Fielder revealed he was the mastermind behind Dumb Starbucks. 

“I am the president and founder of dumb Starbucks. The dumb is out of necessity. My entire marketing plan depends on using their corporate logo to get attention."

"My name is Nathan Fielder and I graduation from one of Canada’s top colleges with really good grades." On his quasi-reality show, Fielder often sets up similar pranks dealing with other businesses. (Via Comedy Central

If you hadn’t heard, the faux Starbucks shop opened its doors in LA over the weekend. It looked strangely similar to the real deal, but had the word “dumb” affixed to every product. And the other major difference — the drinks were all free. (Via CBS

“We have a full menu, featuring all of your favorite Starbuck’s items. A delicious selection of pastries. And even some music for the ride home.” (Via YouTube / Dumb Starbucks)

Fielder told reporters what he was doing fell "under parody law” and was therefore within the law — though many legal experts weren't buying it. 

And as you might have imagined, the real Starbucks wasn't either. 

A rep for the coffee chain told NBC: “while we appreciate the humor, they cannot use our name, which is a protected trademark.”

But it turns out potential intellectual property theft wasn't the biggest challenge facing Dumb Starbucks. 

"Even before Starbucks could send in the lawyers, the health department closed the shop." (Via KCBS

According to the Los Angeles Times, the store was operating without a valid health permit. A sign posted on the store Monday said Dumb Starbucks was closed for violations.

Fielder eventually acknowledged Dumb Starbucks will play some role on his Comedy Central show. He also said he plans to open a second location in Brooklyn.