Bipartisan Agreement Reached On Sexual Harassment Bill

Congressional lawmakers have finally agreed on legislation that changes how sexual harassment is handled on Capitol Hill.

Bipartisan Agreement Reached On Sexual Harassment Bill
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After months of negotiations between lawmakers, the way sexual harassment is dealt with on Capitol Hill could finally be about to change.

On Wednesday, Sen. Amy Klobuchar said in a tweet that members of the House and Senate have reached a bipartisan agreement on a sexual harassment bill and that it should pass the Senate this week.

Klobuchar said the bill "changes the rules so that victims (instead of politicians) are protected." As Newsy has previously reported, the legislation would require lawmakers to personally pay any sexual harassment settlements, and those settlements would be made public. The bill would also provide legal counsel or assistance to congressional staffers who file complaints and get rid of a 30-day waiting period before a victim could file a complaint. 

The measures overhaul the Congressional Accountability Act.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN