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Corona Issues Recalls, Says Some Bottles Might Have Glass Shards

The maker of Corona Extra says there could be glass shards in some bottles sold in 12 and 18 packs.

Corona Issues Recalls, Says Some Bottles Might Have Glass Shards
Getty Images / Scott Olson

If you're looking forward to swigging some Corona Extra, you might want to double check the bottle first.

Constellation Brands Beer Division, the beer's maker, issued a recall on some 12 and 18 packs of Corona Extra because there could be shards of glass in the bottles.

To find out if you're affected, take a look at either the case or the bottle of your beer, and look for an eight-character production code.

For those with 12-packs, if the last digit is anything other than a 4, you should be fine. If the code ends with a 4, check the first four characters. If those fall between A016 through B246 or L285 through L315, you should ditch the bottle.

For 18-packs of Corona Extra, production codes ending in 8 are potential hazards. If the first four characters fall between A216 through B226, there could be glass in the bottle.

If none of those apply to you or you have a different variation of the beer, like Corona Light, the company says you should be fine. But it couldn't hurt to check.

If you're affected, you can call the manufacturers at this number or go to and get a reimbursement.

The company said one in every 5,000 bottles in circulation are affected. The company blamed the issue on a third-party glassmaker's faulty bottles. No injuries have been reported.

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