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Cory Booker Lays Out An Ambitious Plan To Tackle Gun Control

A central piece of his proposal would create a federal gun licensing system that would work similar to the way driver's licenses do.

Cory Booker Lays Out An Ambitious Plan To Tackle Gun Control
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Sen. Cory Booker unveiled his ideas for tackling gun violence in America. 

The Democratic presidential candidate detailed his sweeping plan online Monday. He says his proposals will keep guns out of the wrong hands, hold gun manufacturers accountable, and bring the fight to the NRA.

The core of his plan is a new gun license requirement. He said drivers licenses show a person is able to safely drive a car, and his gun license requirement would do the same for firearms.  

He also proposes closing a number of loopholes related to gun purchases and manufacturing. He wants to increase federal oversight for gun makers, expand to universal background checks, and prevent all kinds of domestic abusers from buying a gun.

As for the NRA, Booker wants the IRS to look into whether the organization has done anything to get its tax-exempt status revoked. 

Booker isn't alone in campaigning on this issue. Rep. Eric Swalwell is making gun control the central issue in his campaign. And Sen. Kamala Harris promised to sign executive orders in her first 100 days, if Congress doesn't act on gun control before then.