Red Sox Fans Meet On Twitter, Tie The Knot At Fenway Park

Cody Anderson and Shannon Armitage connected on Twitter in 2011, and just tied the knot on Friday at Fenway Park.

Red Sox Fans Meet On Twitter, Tie The Knot At Fenway Park

The same day the Boston Red Sox received their World Series rings, two very lucky fans tied the knot at Fenway Park.

SHANNON ARMITAGE: "We lost our minds, we didn't believe it was real at first."

CODY ANDERSON: ​"I mean, this has been by far our dream. So to have this be exactly what we both wanted, it's beyond a dream come true." (Via WHDH)

But this isn't a typical love story. It all started back in 2011 when the Red Sox tweeted happy birthday to Shannon Armitage. (Via Twitter / @RedSox)

USA Today says the tweet caught Cody Anderson's attention. Shortly afterward "he reached out to her, which led to more tweets, then texts..."

Even though they lived in different parts of the country, Anderson in Illinois and Armitage in Massachusetts, the pair fell in love. Bleacher Report says Armitage later ended up moving to Illinois and the couple got engaged.

Because it was the Red Sox who got them together, Anderson and Armitage thought it would be fitting to get married at Fenway Park. Finally, on March 31st, WGEM says they pair got a call from a friend with some Red Sox connections.

"They are thrilled to be able to let you go and get married in the right field, upper deck at Fenway Park."

Because they got married on the same day the Red Sox received their World Series rings, Anderson and Armitage coined their day a #DoubleRingCeremony on Twitter.

We're guessing the pair, who stayed for the Red Sox's game later that day, celebrated their first dance as a newly married couple to "Sweet Caroline."