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Couples Who Sleep Less Than An Inch Apart Might Be Happiest

A new study by British researchers suggests couples' sleeping positions might reflect their happiness.

Couples Who Sleep Less Than An Inch Apart Might Be Happiest
Flickr / Matthew Romack

‚ÄčA new study from researchers in Britain claims you can tell how happy a couple is by how closely they sleep. 

So who are the happiest couples of all? According to the results, the ones who sleep less than an inch apart are the most content — so basically touching each other. (Via Howcast

People who faced each other but did not touch were the least satisfied. The next one was sleeping back-to-back without touching. Facing the same direction and not touching: 76 percent satisfied. (Via KPRC)

With a 91 percent satisfaction rate, same-direction touching and back-to-back touching were the most satisfied couples. 

The results were discovered through a survey of more than 1,000 people. (Via Flickr / you me

The Telegraph talked to the study's lead author, who said, "The key issue is if you have a couple who used to sleep close together but are now drifting further apart in bed, then that could be symptomatic of them growing apart when they are awake."

Not everyone is buying the results — including couples who have been married for years. 

"I'm not sure I agree with this, being married for 15 years. ... You're on top of each other the whole night. It's not a reflection of how much we love each other. We just got a king bed. It used to be kind of tight, but now there's this vast gulf." (Via NBC)

"I don't think that would be very comfortable. Dragon breath. Ew, gross. I need my space at night. I get hot." (Via KABB)

And for all of you who share a king-size bed, dun dun dun. The study found the least happy couples are the ones who sleep 30 inches or more apart.