Craig Sager Reportedly Undergoing Treatment For Leukemia

The veteran sports reporter, known for his eclectic style, began treatment for leukemia Friday.

Craig Sager Reportedly Undergoing Treatment For Leukemia
USA Today / Soobum Im

The NBA playoffs start Saturday and the league's best are sure to put on an exhibition of basketball prowess, but one of the flashiest people in and around the NBA could be notably absent from the sidelines. 

TNT NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager is reportedly battling leukemia and began treatment Friday. (Via YouTube / Foot Locker)

Sager's son, Craig Sager, Jr., broke the news on Twitter saying his father will undergo 3-4 weeks of acute leukemia treatment. 

A writer for Deadspin notes if the timeline of Sager's treatment and the younger Sager's follow-up tweets are any indication, the questionably dressed veteran sports reporter will miss the NBA playoffs this season. 

Sager is probably best known to sports fans and athletic novices alike as the man with the eclectic wardrobe. And over the years, he's taken some serious flack for his sartorial selections. (Via Bleacher Report)

But Sager's resume is long and storied — he's worked for CNN and TBS, worked the 1990 World Cup and several Olympic Games. (Via Flickr / Keith Allison)

On his show Thursday night, Keith Olbermann said it's all of that hard work — not the outfits — that makes Sager such an powerful presence. 

"Craig Sager has worked, has worked from any angle and worked hard all the damn time. Leukemia picked the wrong opponent." (Via ESPN / "Olbermann")

Sager's son responded to tons of messages of support on his Twitter feed saying he and his father will be watching basketball together during the playoffs while brainstorming some new outfits.