Cubs Fans Unhappy With New Mascot 'Clark'

Chicago Cubs fans have been voicing their frustrations with the team's new mascot "Clark the Cub" saying he's too cute to be a mascot.

Cubs Fans Unhappy With New Mascot 'Clark'
Facebook / Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs fans — if you havent already — meet your new mascot, "Clark the Cub."

Clark was announced as "unbearably cute" and it made waves in Chicago. But so far, fans are mostly unhappy with the teams new mascot. (Via Facebook / Chicago CubsChicago Tribune)

USA Today says it might be because he's just too "adorable" to be a team mascot. 

Or because he has to live up to his predecessor, which was an actual bear -- a real live bear --- all the way back in 1916. (Via National Geographic)

Or maybe because when the Cubs won their last world series in 1908, a writer for says the mascot was much less cute.

Whatever the reason may be, Cubs fans are a little upset.

Some have voiced their frustration on Twitter, with one fan writing, "Oh God, he's real."

Comments lit up the team's Facebook page — with one writing, "Unbelievable. What a minor league move."

And others went on camera. "Anything might help, but I don't know about a cartoon mascot."

The hiring of Clark means fans will also have to say goodbye to their unofficial mascot. 

"Billy Cub" has been hanging out outside of Wrigley Field taking pictures with fans for the past six years. 

But in July of last year executives of the team sent the man behind the costume a 100 page letter - ordering him to stop engaging in "unabated mascot activities." (Via WLS-TV)

Despite the backlash from fans, most agree the new mascot will be a hit with the kids. The organization says the mascot will not be throwing out hot dogs and t-shirts in between innings. Instead, he will be focused on kids and family.