The Senate Postponed Voting On A Cybersecurity Bill

The bill stalled for lack of GOP support.

The Senate Postponed Voting On A Cybersecurity Bill
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A Senate committee has postponed a vote on a cybersecurity bill because it didn't have enough Republican support. The bipartisan bill aims to ramp up election security. 

The Secure Elections Act is designed to help federal and state intelligence and election agencies share information more easily. It would also give "security clearances to state election officials" and require post-election verification procedures. But some Republicans have “expressed concerns about certain provisions,” according to an aide.  

The stall has reportedly frustrated the bill's authors, Republican Sen. James Lankford, who called inaction "unacceptable," and Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who said action needs to be taken "before the next election." 

Facebook and Twitter have recently deleted hundreds of accounts and pages linked to foreign entities. And Microsoft said it shut down six Russia-linked websites that were part of hacking schemes targeting U.S. political groups. 

The bill is currently being revised in an effort to gain more support. It's not clear when it will be voted on again. 

Additional reporting by Newsy affiliate CNN.