Dancing For Joy Bhangra Style — One Day At A Time

Gurdeep Pandher danced away pandemic woes every day for two years, and his bhangra videos amassed hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Dancing For Joy Bhangra Style — One Day At A Time
Gurdeep Pandher / Youtube

In the height of the pandemic, in Yukon, Canada, Gurdeep Pandher danced every day for two years.  

"I decided to make one video every day to spread joy, hope and positivity, to calm down some of the worries," Pandher said. 

His videos went viral. Hundreds of thousands of viewers watched him dance bhangra, a traditional Punjabi folk dance. 

"It was created by Punjabi or Sikh farmers a long time ago," Pandher said. "Farmers that did used to dance upon bhangra Punjab to express their joy, and also to express their gratitude to the land for providing the crop."

It started as a hobby to deal with the emotions of the pandemic. He started solo, then third graders joined in … and even the Canadian Armed Forces. 

"When you create joy, and you share joy with others, it brings people together, it brings people closer, and it builds community," Pandher said.

Pandher began receiving handmade gifts and letters.

A grieving mother even asked for a special birthday dance for her partner who recently passed away.

Pandher, an elementary school teacher, is touring Canada this year. Maybe next year he'll be dancing his way across the U.S. — creating more joy.