David Arquette And 4 Other 'One-Upping' Celeb Exes

Arquette announced his engagement just days after ex Courteney Cox revealed hers. Check out other times celebs have been one-uppers.

David Arquette And 4 Other 'One-Upping' Celeb Exes
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Well this is awkward.

Less than a week ago, Courteney Cox announced she was engaged. (Via Twitter)

Seemingly not to be outdone, her ex, David Arquette, is now apparently also engaged. People reported Wednesday night that he'd popped the question in Malibu. (Via People, People)

Cox and Arquette separated in 2010 and were officially divorced last year. They'd been married since 1999. (Via TMZ)

Granted, it's not like Arquette just met his now fiance, Christina McLarty. They've been on/off since 2011 and she gave birth to their son in April. Cox and Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid have only been together since around November. 

Arquette and Cox are actually on pretty good terms... (Via Disney-ABC Domestic Television / 'Katie')

"There's still extreme love there and friendship."

...but this is suspicious timing. And it got us thinking about celeb exes and their awkward, possibly purposeful timing.

Like remember in April 2012, when after seven years together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced they were engaged? (Via CNN)

And then in August, Jennifer Aniston got engaged? Neither couple is married yet. (Via CNN)

Or remember back in November 2010 when Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo got engaged? (Via Us Weekly)

And ten days later, Nick's famous ex, Jessica Simpson, announced Eric Johnson had put a ring on her finger? (Via Us Weekly)

And in September 2012, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married. (Via NBC)

In December his ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson, went public with her new boyfriend... (Via Daily Mail)

But perhaps providing the most drama are, of course, reality stars.  Because in October 2013 former 'The Hills' star Lauren Conrad announced her engagement... (Via E!), Instagram / laurenconrad)

The exact same weekend her ex, Jason Wahler, got married. (Via Perez Hilton)

We can only hope for even more intense timing from here: Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston getting married on the same day at the same time at the same location! We can dream.