Dead Cats Found In Bags Hanging From Trees In NYC Suburb

Authorities say 25 dead cats have been found in plastic bags hanging off trees in New York. Necropsies reveal some died due to blunt force trauma.

Dead Cats Found In Bags Hanging From Trees In NYC Suburb

A disturbing discovery in a New York City suburb Thursday — cat carcasses in plastic bags hanging from tree branches in the woods. 

"They were discovered in a wooded area near Overlook Terrace. Investigators say the dead cats were in various stages of decomposition." (Via ‚ÄčWCBS)

According to authorities, city sanitation workers found the neatly tied bags in an abandoned lot during an annual cleanup of the area. Some now believe those deaths might be due to a "serial cat killer." (Via WNYW)

Investigators who responded to the scene believe the cats were dead before being placed in the bags. They're unsure whether someone killed them intentionally or if the cats died of other causes and someone was just trying to dispose of the bodies.

Now according to a report on Vocativ, necropsies performed on the cats revealed three of them died due to "blunt force trauma to the head."

Officials say this case is unusual not only because of how the cats were found, but also because of the location's proximity to nearby residences, businesses and an Amtrak station. (Via Google)

According to The Journal News, the area has a large feral cat colony and stray animals are often found dead on the streets — but never any like this.

"For someone to display it — and it's almost like trophies — just the display of the deceased cats like that, it's very disturbing." (Via News 12 Westchester)

And according to Gawker, police wonder why the strong odor of the decomposing bodies didn't alarm anyone earlier.

Authorities are investigating the incident. There are currently no identified suspects, but police say whoever is responsible for the dead cats could face criminal charges for animal cruelty.