Deadly Twin Tornadoes Rip Through Nebraska Town

Two tornadoes hit Pilger, Nebraska, Monday afternoon, killing one and injuring at least 16 others.

Deadly Twin Tornadoes Rip Through Nebraska Town

A state of emergency has been declared after twin tornadoes ripped through the sleepy eastern Nebraska town of Pilger and left one person dead.

A tornado first touched down near Wisner, Nebraska just after 4 p.m. "The tops of silos are gone, lets just hope people are undergound." (Via The Weather Channel)

Shortly after, two tornadoes headed toward Pilger. "Homes completely leveled. There was a Ford F-150 that was completely flipped over. Their homes are pretty much gone." (Via KMTV)

Pilger, a small town of 378 inhabitants, boasts the slogan "The little town too tough to die."

CNN spoke with a shocked resident. "There is a lot of damage. Half to three quarters of the town. Downtown is all gone."

The Weather Channel also reports the intense storm brought golf ball to tennis ball sized hail and resulted in half an inch of rain in three minutes.

KTIV reports 16 people are in critical condition at Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk, Nebraska.