Deadly U.S. Winter Storm System Moves East

Brutal winter weather continues to move east. An ice storm in the South made it tough for people in places like Texas and Arkansas to get around.

Deadly U.S. Winter Storm System Moves East
The Dallas Morning News / Tom Fox

A strong winter storm with snow and ice blanketed parts of the U.S. known for their more mild winters Friday — and the system is now moving east.

These pictures from WFAA viewers show the thick layer of ice that has completely coated tree branches, plants and outdoor lamps in the Dallas area.

But the ice has also coated the roads. Few cars ventured out for the Friday morning commute in Fort Worth. Those that did took it slow as the roads iced up. (Via KXAS)

North Texas is one of the areas that normally doesn't see this kind of cold weather. With a high forecast to be in the upper 20s Saturday, KDFW reports it could be the coldest day in Dallas since 1998.

Dangerous conditions from the ice storm moved further east Friday. ABC reports a tree in Arkansas covered with ice fell on a house — killing one man inside. The cold weather tied to the storms have been felt far beyond the South.

The deep freeze has set in across the country with the most extreme temperatures being seen up north. Saturday morning, parts of Montana were colder than 30 degrees below zero. Factoring in the wind chill, some cities feel like they're 50 below. (Via KRTV)

Fox News reports 11 people have died from the dangerous winter weather over the past few days.

More winter weather is forecast in other parts of the country this weekend. According to USA Today, the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast are expected to see snow and even freezing rain on Sunday.