Defiant T-Mobile Expands Offerings For Its 'Binge On' Service

T-Mobile is adding more providers to its Binge On streaming service as groups supporting net neutrality condemn the company.

Defiant T-Mobile Expands Offerings For Its 'Binge On' Service

T-Mobile has had a busy week.

The company just added a slew of new providers to its Binge On streaming service, including History, Playstation TV and, yes, Newsy. (Video via T-MobileHistorySony)

This after an Electronic Frontier Foundation study indicated T-mobile is reducing the quality of all video streams for Binge On users.

"Throttling all traffic based on application type definitely violates the principles of net neutrality," the foundation wrote in a report.

"Who the f*** are you anyway EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)? Why are you stirring up so much trouble, and who pays you?" T-Mobile CEO John Legere asked on Twitter.

"We give customers more choices, and these jerks are complaining? Who the hell do they think they are? What gives them the right to dictate what my customers or any wireless consumer can choose for themselves?" T-Mobile CEO John Legere asked. (Video via T-Mobile)

The Federal Communications Commission might have something to say about it. T-Mobile will meet with the commission before Jan. 15 to discuss its practices. (Video via C-SPAN)

"This is not an investigation; this is not an enforcement. This is to help us stay informed as to what the practices are as we said we would do," said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

This video includes images from Getty Images. Music by Frenic / CC BY 3.0.