Delta Airlines To Offer Five Seat Classes

Delta Air Lines will soon offer five seating options ranging from economy to premium cabins.

Delta Airlines To Offer Five Seat Classes
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Traditional air travel is changing. First-class and coach offerings might soon be a thing of the past.

Beginning in March, Delta Air Lines will offer five different fare classes ranging from economy to premium cabins.

Here’s a breakdown of the classes:

The cheapest tickets will come from the Basic Economy class where passengers will board the plane last and will not be able to choose their seats in advance. Tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable.

Main Cabin ticket holders are allowed to choose their seats in advance, and flight changes are permitted.

Delta Comfort + passengers get to board ahead of the previous two classes and have dedicated overhead bin space and additional leg room.  

First Class travelers will board the plane first and receive complimentary pre-departure beverages. They also receive snacks or meals depending on how long the flight is.

Delta One is similar to first class but is for international and cross-country flights. It offers full flat-bed seats.

Delta’s change comes at a time when the airline is facing competition from other carriers offering cheap, no-frills flights.

The industry trend seems to be providing almost steerage-quality options as cheaply as possible.

Delta’s website even works to sell its Basic Economy Class by saying, “If you’re looking for a low fare, your travel plans aren’t likely to change, and you don’t mind where you sit, Basic Economy just may be your ticket.”

But the no-frills option might encourage others to spend a bit more to get some perks.

A writer for Money points out that Basic Economy would be out of the question for many couples or families who would like to ensure they get to sit together.

A Washington Post reporter called Delta’s move “aggressive” in competing for both budget and business travelers.

Delta has not yet commented on how the prices of the different classes will vary.

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