Democrats Discuss Adding More GOP Members To Jan. 6 Panel

House Speaker Pelosi previously appointed Rep. Liz Cheney to the panel probing the Capitol attack.

Democrats Discuss Adding More GOP Members To Jan. 6 Panel
Jose Luis Magana / AP

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly considering appointing more Republicans to the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.   

Panel Chairman Bennie Thompson told reporters yesterday they’ve discussed adding anti-Trump Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger as well as other Republicans.  

Pelosi previously appointed one Republican — Congresswoman Liz Cheney — alongside seven Democrats.  

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled his committee appointees earlier this week after the speaker rejected two of his picks — Congressmen Jim Banks and Jim Jordan. 

"These people are going to act up, cause a problem, and people said to me, put them on and then when they act up, you can take them off. I said, why should we waste time on something as predictable," said Pelosi.

The speaker previously said their past comments and actions could jeopardize the integrity of the investigation.  

The select committee holds its first hearing next Tuesday. Members of the Capitol police and D.C. Metropolitan police will testify.