Did A Prostitute Kill Google Exec With Heroin Overdose?

New evidence suggests a prostitute may have killed Google exec Forrest Hayes back in November.

Did A Prostitute Kill Google Exec With Heroin Overdose?
Santa Cruz Police Department

Police say Alix Tichelman — a high-end call girl — murdered Google executive Forrest Hayes. (Via Santa Cruz Police Department)

In November, 51-year-old Hayes was found dead in his boat of what appeared to be a suicidal heroin overdose. (Via Santa Cruz Sentinel)

But, police have discovered new evidence that may prove this death was not accidental. (Via  KNTV)

Security footage showed 26-year-old Tichleman injecting Hayes with heroin and then leaving without calling for help when it was apparent something went wrong. (Via Facebook / Alix Catherine Tichelman)

That footage hasn't been released to the public, but here's how police describe what they saw. 

​Police: "In gathering her things, she was literally stepping over the body. She was incredibly callous and non-caring about the state of the victim."​ (Via KGO-TV)

Police say they were able to take Tichleman's finger prints from a wine glass that was left on the scene. They then made an appointment with her pretending to be a client and arrested her. (Via Twitter / @AKKennedyxx)

But why did it take seven months for police to arrest Tichleman?

Santa Cruz Sentinel reports once police discovered Tichleman may have been involved, she was no longer living in the area. Police tried to set up a fake modeling gig to get her to town, but that ended up taking too long. That's when they set up the prostitution appointment and arrested her. 

And it turns out — according to police — Tichleman may have done it again while she was on the loose. Police are currently investigating a similar death that they believe Tichelman could have been involved in, but she has not yet been charged in that case, so police are not giving many details. (Via Santa Cruz Police Department)

Tichelman appeared in court Wednesday and was charged with manslaughter.