Did Ann Coulter Just Tweet A Reference To A White Supremacist Slogan?

Based on the replies to her tweet, her followers certainly seem to think so.

Ann Coulter attends a gala in New York.
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This article has been updated to reflect Ann Coulter's response to the reactions to her tweet. 

Ann Coulter sent out this tweet Thursday morning:

The slogan is often called the "14 words" — hence the alleged link to Coulter's tweet. The wording is said to be derived from Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and was coined by David Lane, a member of a white supremacist terror group called The Order. 

Coulter immediately followed that tweet with one referencing black-on-white crime:

It's worth noting, as Upworthy writer Parker Molloy pointed out, that 14 is also approximately the number of days President Obama has left in office. 

(Updated Jan. 9) Coulter later confirmed that the tweet was indeed a countdown and not a reference to the white supremacy slogan.