Did Dad Charged In Son's Death Research Hot-Car Fatality?

A Georgia father left his 22-month-old son in a hot car. A new report claims a search query on a laptop indicates the boy's death was not an accident.

Did Dad Charged In Son's Death Research Hot-Car Fatality?

The story was already horrifying — the death of a 22-month-old boy after his father left him in a car on a hot day. But a couple of new reports voice suspicions about the death. 

One comes from HLN — take a look at this headline: "Dad made disturbing search before tot's death."

According to HLN's anonymous source, that disturbing search on a computer seized from the office of 33-year-old Justin Ross Harris was the phrase "how long does it take for an animal to die in a hot car?"

Now here's the thing: While HLN's online headline focuses on the father, the network's on-air reporter was much more careful.  

‚Äč"Police found that someone searched. ...  Two caveats here, they do not know or have not said when the search was conducted, and no confirmation that it was Harris who conducted that search."

And the basic details aren't exclusive to HLN. Atlanta's WAGA also reported about the alleged search and cited an unnamed law enforcement official. 

Harris has pleaded not guilty to murder and child cruelty charges, saying he forgot his son Cooper Harris was in the back seat until he finished his work day about seven hours later. 

CNN reports police have declined to comment about the alleged search query and have not disclosed whether it was what led to Harris' arrest shortly after the incident.

But police say the evidence they do have indicates this might not have been an accident.

According to NBC, a criminal warrant released Wednesday indicates Harris took his son to breakfast before heading to work and even returned to the vehicle at some point during lunch.

Medical examiners believe the boy's cause of death is consistent with hyperthermia, but an official ruling will be released pending a toxicology test. (Via ABC)

Cooper Harris' funeral is Saturday. Justin Harris is currently being held without bail and is set to appear in court next month.