Did Obama Motorcade Block Pregnant Woman From Hospital?

Witnesses say a pregnant woman was not allowed to cross the street to reach the hospital due to street closures.

Did Obama Motorcade Block Pregnant Woman From Hospital?
Twitter / @CarrieClifford

President Barack Obama visited Los Angeles this week, bringing with him the massive security entourage and street closures that surround a presidential visit. (Via Getty Images)

For a city that's regularly ranked No. 1 on the list of worst traffic in the U.S., that can cause some major congestion problems. But organizers probably didn't foresee this: Wednesday KNBC reporter Robert Kovacik posted this video of what appears to be a pregnant woman waiting at a bus stop across the street from Cedars-Sinai Hospital. (Via Instagram / robertnbcla)

The unidentified woman was reportedly told the street was closed, so she couldn't cross to go to the hospital — this despite the fact the motorcade wasn't actually driving past at the time; it was just on its way.

Passerby Carrie Clifford tweeted updates on the situation, noting at one point medics were able to get to the woman while she waited. (Via Twitter / @CarrieClifford)

Clifford told conservative site The Blaze, which was the first outlet to report the news, the woman had to wait at least 30 minutes for the motorcade to pass.

Police officers requested an ambulance, but the motorcade passed and the woman was able to get to the hospital before it arrived. KNBC reached out to the White House for comment but as of Friday afternoon had not heard a response.

A Secret Service spokesman addressed the incident — sort of. While not commenting on the incident directly, he did say the LAPD is investigating and told the station in an email: "It is always our policy to prepare for and facilitate medical emergencies, medical flights, ambulances etc. in the fastest and safest way possible."

Where should the U.S. look for a solution to the perceived motorcade problem? Well, one unlikely — if not unintended — adviser could be none other than Russia.

According to the BBC in 2012, Russian leaders Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev promised to "work from home more to cut the disruption caused by their motorcades."

According to KNBC, there is no word on whether the baby has arrived yet.