Disclaimer Prompts Racism Discussion About 'Tom And Jerry'

Amazon Prime included a disclaimer about "Tom and Jerry" that says the show depicts some racial prejudices.

Disclaimer Prompts Racism Discussion About 'Tom And Jerry'
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer via Fox News

The world's most famous cat-and-mouse duo is under fire. (Video via Warner Bros. / "Tom and Jerry")

"Tom and Jerry" made headlines after Amazon Prime added the series and promptly issued a disclaimer saying the show might depict some "racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society." 

"Fox & Friends First" noted some of the offensive stereotypes in the show Thursday morning. 

FOX NEWS"The site point to episodes with the character Mammy Two Shoes, the black maid. Other issues include the portrayal of female characters and cigarette smoking."  

On ABC's "The View" there was a discussion about whether this was enough to be considered truly offensive. 

ROSIE PEREZ: "Some people may find that offensive. They also say there's racism in Bugs Bunny. I love Bugs Bunny. I love it. But I think people — there are people that do get offended by that."

However, some are criticizing Amazon for the disclaimer and saying the company is being overly politically correct. 

"Tom and Jerry" has gotten attention for racism before. One of the show's spotlight collections even has an intro with Whoopi Goldberg discussing some of the stereotypes. 

GOLDBERG VIA WARNER BROS. / "TOM AND JERRY SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION": "The outrageous brand of humor show here comes from a time when racial and ethnic differences were caricatured in the name of entertainment."

Amazon has yet to comment on its decision. "Tom and Jerry" was first created in the 1940s.