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Disney Wants A Huggable Robot That Can Interact With Children

People are comparing the idea to HBO's "Westworld" ... except Disney's concept could be real.

Disney Wants A Huggable Robot That Can Interact With Children
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If robots give you the creeps, you might want to go to a Disney theme park now before the company's latest idea takes hold.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently published Disney's filing for a "huggable and interactive" robot that could entertain children in a safe way.

Many are comparing this idea to the TV show "Westworld." The show's plot centers around a fantasy land where people pay to play out their desires on life-like robots.

But Disney isn't HBO, and its real-life robots would probably be a lot less dark and graphic. 

A Mickey robot that greets and hugs children certainly isn't a guarantee, either. Disney files hundreds of patents a year, and many ideas are never fully developed.

Instead, the huggable bot patent might just be a continuation of Disney's pushes for interactive tech, many of which don't involve the word "humanoid."

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Last year, Disney got a patent for a lightbulb that would project interactive movie scenes in hotel rooms.

And in 2012, the company was awarded a patent to project photos or video on food. It would also shift the interactive elements if, for example, a piece cake is cut and taken away.

So far there's no word when, or if, the huggable robot characters will be in theme parks.