Midterm Elections

DOJ Staff Will Be Monitoring Voting In Multiple States

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that personnel will be stationed in 35 locations in 19 states across the U.S. to monitor the voting process.

DOJ Staff Will Be Monitoring Voting In Multiple States
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The Justice Department will be keeping a close eye on midterm election voting in certain states Tuesday. 

It announced Monday that Civil Rights Division staff will be stationed in 35 polling locations in 19 states to monitor the voting process. 

Some of those locations include counties in California, Florida, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania and multiple other states.

According to the DOJ, the personnel will be looking at how jurisdictions comply with federal voting rights laws.

In a statement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions also said voter fraud "will not be tolerated." 

The announcement comes after President Donald Trump tweeted earlier that he's directed law enforcement to monitor illegal voting, saying, "Anyone caught will be subject to the maximum criminal penalties."