Did Dominica Skiers Successfully Scam Olympics?

So how exactly did a pair of almost 50-year-olds make their way into the Olympics?

Did Dominica Skiers Successfully Scam Olympics?
Gary di Silvestri

It's an unusual tale of corruption, bribery and the Olympics. 

Meet the richest Olympians you've probably ever seen. Gary di Silvestri, originally from Staten Island, and his wife Angelica Morrone, from Italy. They're also almost 50 years old and Deadspin says they scammed the Olympics.  

"He's a hedge-fund manager. Some have suggested they might have bought their way into the Winter Olympics. Sadly neither of them were able to compete in the Olympics."

Both were slated to compete in cross-country skiing for the island nation of Dominica. It was the first time the country had been represented in the Winter Olympics. 

But apparently, he got sick right after his race started and she broke her nose right before her event. But the power-couple did participate in the opening ceremony, decked out in Dominican gear. (Via KXAS)

As multiple outlets report, a hefty donation to the small island, just south of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, seemingly granted the two citizenship. They even set up a ski federation there. 

But ​Deadspin alleges their athletic resumes were fabricated — and at first the media bought it. 

Like the New York Daily News and its piece about the couple's philanthropic efforts throughout the Caribbean. 

Or this article from NBC describes how they had worked so hard to qualify. It even mentions some of their athletic accolades, which turned out to be untrue, according to Deadspin.  

But what seems to be true is the couple's love for the games and they're involvement with them.

​Deadspin says Angelica may have bribed Olympic committee members with free FIAT cars in the late 1990s. Coincidentally, the Olympics were then held in Italy — her home country — just a few years later in 2006. (Via Wikimedia CommonsHpnx9420)

They say money can't buy happiness, but it just might be able to get you a spot in the opening ceremony. The couple has yet to respond to the Deadspin article.