Donald Trump Attacks Obamacare In A State Where It Had Success

President Donald Trump showed up in person to sell the Republican health care overhaul.

Donald Trump Attacks Obamacare In A State Where It Had Success
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President Donald Trump went to Kentucky to sell the Republican health care overhaul Monday night.

"Obamacare has been a complete and total catastrophe and is getting worse and worse by the day," Trump said.

But Obamacare has actually been pretty good for for the Bluegrass State.

The uninsured rate there fell from 16 percent in 2013 to 8 percent in 2014, mostly due to Medicaid expansion.

Vice President Mike Pence speaks during a swearing-in ceremony

Pence Defends GOP Health Care Plan In Ky., Where Obamacare Had Success

The vice president defended the GOP health care plan in a state where Obamacare cut the uninsured rate by nearly half.


But many people in Kentucky may not realize they're using Obamacare. That's because the state branded its version of the health care rollout as Kynect.

Still, the law there has issues. Like other places in the country, some insurance providers are leaving the marketplace.

"Half of our counties only have a single provider right now. It's a financial disaster waiting to happen right here in your own state," Trump said.

Kentuckians voted overwhelmingly for Trump, but some say they didn't think he would change the law.