Donald Trump's Running Mate Could Be Jesse Ventura

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura says he's interested in being Donald Trump's running mate.

Donald Trump's Running Mate Could Be Jesse Ventura
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As if the Donald Trump candidacy wasn't causing enough commotion, just imagine adding wrestler-turned-Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura to the ticket.

“If Donald Trump were to ask me to be his running mate, I would give it very serious consideration because anything to break up the status quo of this country," Ventura told WCCO.

Now that would be an interesting White House. 

Ventura's comments show he's in line with Trump's thinking on shaking things up to "make America great again."

And the pair would definitely send ripples throughout the Republican Party. Although, Trump is already doing a fine job by himself

And Ventura said of adding him to the ticket, "Boy, would that ever get the Republicans angry."

The two, unorthodox in their rise through political polls, have been friends for 25 years now, according to Ventura. Both have been a part of the Reform Party in the past. And long before Trump "seriously" ran for president this year, Ventura endorsed the billionaire businessman for president at a fundraiser in 2000.

That's the same year Trump said Oprah Winfrey would be an ideal running mate

He's reiterated that this year, too. 

The chances of Ventura or Oprah joining Trump on a presidential ticket seem slim, but let's be honest: Anything can happen.

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