Dream Jobs: Art Gallerist

The Fred Schnider Art Gallery curates works from professional regional artists.

Dream Jobs: Art Gallerist
Newsy/Megan Smith

As the Schnider family invested in the city of Arlington, Virginia, they became more excited by the way the region's art brought people together. "Art gives each individual a chance just to relax and enjoy it. People realize what they have in common."Catch "Dream Jobs" during "The Why" on Mondays at 7 p.m. ET. Click here to check local listings.

Art consultant Nina Caccioppoli O'Neil takes a photo of flowers.

Dream Jobs: Art Consultant

Art can set the mood in a room. As an art consultant, Nina Caccioppoli O'Neil helps people make the mood just right.

Visitors take pictures at the National Building Museum

Dream Jobs: Museum Curator

Cathy Frankel has turned D.C.'s National Building Museum into a multisensory experience.