Dump Truck Rams Baltimore TV Station, Reporting Goes On

WMAR reporters and employees suddenly became the news themselves after a potentially armed man crashed a dump truck into the TV station's lobby.

Dump Truck Rams Baltimore TV Station, Reporting Goes On
Twitter / @KellyfromABC2

Baltimore TV station WMAR was evacuated Tuesday after a man driving a dump truck crashed into the building's lobby. (Via Twitter / @CherylfromABC2)

And several reporters couldn't just stand by as other local media outlets covered the incident. (Via Twitter / @MascoFromABC2)

The station's news director, whom several staff members credited with helping get everyone inside to safety, was one of the first to tweet a photo of the gaping hole the truck left near the building's lobby.

And many others provided live updates on their Twitter and Instagram profiles as the situation unfolded before their very eyes.

Reporter Brian Kuebler noted the strange situation he and his co-workers found themselves in as other media outlets, including CNN, began to quote him for their own coverage.

"So apparently #CNN WJZ and others are quoting my tweets as part of their coverage. Again...allow me to express how weird this is?" (Via Twitter / @BrianfromABC2)

Although its station was evacuated and its TV feed downed, WMAR was able to keep coverage coming online via a live stream on its website. At about 4:45 Eastern time, police said the still-yet-to-be-named suspect was in custody and had been armed only with a golf club.

All WMAR employees were accounted for soon after the crash. There were no reports of any injuries. (Via WJZ-TV)

As for the motive — again, nothing has been confirmed. But meteorologist Mike Masco tweeted"Guy kept chanting I am God when he first walked up to the door of the building. went back for his industrial sized truck and rammed building."

Police said the suspect was taken into custody without incident. No officers or employees at WMAR were injured.