Dutch Investigators Say Russian-Made Missile Downed MH17

The Dutch Safety Board has concluded a Russian-made missile caused Malaysia Flight MH17 to crash.

Dutch Investigators Say Russian-Made Missile Downed MH17
Dutch Safety Board

Dutch officials have concluded a Russian-made Buk missile struck Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in July 2014, causing it to crash over eastern Ukraine.

The Dutch Safety Board's chairman told reporters Tuesday "high-energy fragments" from the missile were found in the cockpit. These fragments held traces of paint tied to Buk missiles. (Video via Dutch Safety Board)

Before the Dutch report was released, a Russian state-controlled missile manufacturer said the report it conducted contradicted the Dutch Safety Board's report.

The chairman of the Dutch Safety Board said in a press conference, "It’s always special when people already know that they don't agree with a report that’s not even published yet." (Video via Euronews)

The chairman also said the airspace should have been closed due to the conflict between Ukraine and pro-Russia separatists. All 298 people on board were killed in the crash.