Egypt's Morsi Stands Trial For 'Inciting Murder'

The nation's former democratically-elected president was kept in a soundproof glass box during his trial in Cairo.

Egypt's Morsi Stands Trial For 'Inciting Murder'
Flickr / Jonathan Rashad

The trial of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi continues in Cairo, with a major accusation leveled at the former leader.

"Mr. Morsi and 14 allies in the Muslim Brotherhood are charged with inciting the killing of anti-government protesters outside the presidential palace in 2012."

Those clashes in front of the palace reportedly left ten protesters dead. The defendants are charged with inciting the violence. 

The Telegraph reported on Saturday's hearing saying, "Morsi put on a defiant show for his judges on Saturday as a separate court approved a ban on the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities, solidifying an aggressive crackdown against the movement."

Morsi was confined to a soundproof glass cage during the hearing, allowing him to hear the proceeding but not interrupt unless his microphone were turned on.

During his hearing Tuesday, Al Jazeera reports Morsi insisted he was still Egypt's legitimate president.

The Los Angeles Times says Morsi will face three other court proceedings for additional charges, several of which carry the death penalty.

Morsi's trial is adjourned until Feb 4.