The Eiffel Tower Might Be Getting A Makeover

Paris officials have proposed more than $300 million in renovations.

The Eiffel Tower Might Be Getting A Makeover
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The Eiffel Tower might be getting a really expensive facelift.

City officials have proposed a more than $300 million, 15-year project to modernize the Paris icon.

Eiffel Tower

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The city is apparently gunning to host the 2024 Summer Olympics — and these renovations would be a way of adding value to the potential venue.

The proposed cost would go toward adding security measures, improving the flow of tourists, and upgrading elevators, paint and lights. 

Paris' deputy mayor said the push for security stems from the terror attacks France has experienced over the past couple of years.

As for the tourists — right now, they have to wait outside the tower no matter the weather. Officials want to change that and add covered lines and reception areas.

Reports say the mayor will present the renovation proposal to the city's council for approval at the end of the month.