Emoji-Only Social Network Promises No Spam, No Words

Emojli is an emoji-only social network inspired by equally silly messaging apps like Yo.

Emoji-Only Social Network Promises No Spam, No Words

The standard English keyboard is so last year. Emojis are all the rage, and one company plans to monopolize on the trend.

"Emojli, the emoji-only network. There is no spam because there isn't an emoji for spam. ... Your username has to be emoji." (Via Emojli)

For now Emojli's site is pretty sparse, but here's what we can deduce: Emojli is a social network without words — just emoji. You can reserve your emoji-only username for an app that's set to launch on iOS "soon."

According to Forbes, Emojli creators Matt Gray and Tom Scott got the idea following the success of "Yo," another seemingly silly alternative messaging app. 


The outlet, of course, had to ask the pair a few questions the Emojli way. That first one asks if the team is enjoying all the phone calls pouring in. Gray and Scott say they don't enjoy them because they're working hard on the social network.

And they must be speaki— err, emojing the truth. The Verge reports Emojli hopes to launch its messaging app "in late July or early August."

If you're interested in joining the site, you might want to move fast to claim your favorite emoji username. Emojli says it has passed 10,000 reserved usernames. (Via Twitter / @Emojli)

Oh, and you can't have grinning face with smiling eyes, clapping hands sign, top hat. That one's mine.