Climate Change

Energy Department Defies Trump Before He's Even Inaugurated

It's not giving up names of those who worked on climate policy.

Energy Department Defies Trump Before He's Even Inaugurated
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The Energy Department is defying Donald Trump on climate change.

Trump's team asked for a list of people who've worked on climate change policy.

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But the department isn't naming any names.

And apparently, the request has some people at the department "unsettled."

It's clear the Trump administration will take a different approach on climate change, possibly pulling out of the Paris climate agreement and loosening emission standards. 

"Did you ever called climate change a hoax?" Fox News host Bill O'Reilly asked Trump in July.

"Well, I might have ...," Trump said.

Fact check: He did.

And his top appointments at the Energy Department and Environmental Protection Agency are also climate change doubters.

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But they seem out of step with a majority of Americans. According to a Gallup poll from March, 64 percent of Americans said they're worried about climate change.