This Woman Is Showing Off Her Double Mastectomy Scars In New Campaign

Equinox features a woman's double mastectomy scars in its campaign #CommitToSomething.

Woman in equinox ad with double mastectomy scars

Meet Samantha Paige, a thyroid cancer survivor featured in Equinox's latest campaign #CommitToSomething. 

Equinox posted this short video to Instagram on Tuesday, which shows Paige getting tatted up over her double mastectomy scars. After she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Paige tested positive for the BRCA 1 gene mutation, meaning she has an increased risk of other cancers.

In an interview with People, Paige said she decided to get the double mastectomy as a preventative measure, "When my daughter was seven months old, my determination to be healthy for my baby was so strong that I decided it was the right time to preemptively have the double mastectomy."

After the surgery, Paige received breast implants, but eventually got them removed. She said she hopes her story will empower and encourage women to feel confident in their own skin and take control over their lives.