Escaped Prisoner Turns Himself In Because Of Cold

A prisoner in Lexington escaped Sunday night, but gave up his newfound freedom because he was just too cold.

Escaped Prisoner Turns Himself In Because Of Cold

Forget the temperature readings and the weather reports and the videos of hot water freezing mid-air: this gives us real perspective of just how cold it is outside.

"The bitterly cold temperatures were too much for an inmate who escape a Lexington prison. 42-year-old Robert Vick walked away Sunday night from the Blackburn Correctional Complex." 

Walked away wearing just khaki pants, a shirt and a jacket according to WKYT. Vick had escaped prison, but he didn't last long because it was so cold.

Local outlets are reporting Vick walked into a motel at around 4:30 p.m. Monday, and asked an employee there to call police on him. He was taken to a hospital, then returned to prison. 

So he lasted less than a day. Monday, Lexington faced a windchill of 20 below zero (Via The Weather Channel)

A guest at the motel told WLEX Vick was shivering and appeared to have frostbite. She said she gave him a sandwich and — what else — hot chocolate, not realizing he was a fugitive.

Police say Vick spent Sunday night in an abandoned farmhouse. 

According to CBS Vick is serving time in maximum security — six years for burglary and five for criminal possession of a forged instrument.