Facebook Bans Sharing Of Blueprints For 3D Printed Guns

Facebook bans users from sharing 3D printed gun blueprints, citing its community standards policies.

Facebook Bans Sharing Of Blueprints For 3D Printed Guns
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Facebook is blocking its users from sharing blueprints to create 3D printed guns. It's also reportedly preventing users from posting links to websites that host the digital blueprints.   

In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said "sharing instructions on how to manufacture firearms using 3D printers" is not allowed under its community standards. This also includes CNC milling machines, which are used to cut and shape the guns. 

The social media site already prevents the sale or exchange of firearms on its platform, except by licensed dealers.

The announcement comes after a federal judge blocked a settlement between the State Department and the company Defense Distributed. The settlement would have allowed Defense Distributed to publish online blueprints for 3D printed firearms.

Despite this, the online blueprints are still widely available.

Additional reporting for this story provided by Newsy affiliate CNN.