Fake Interpreter Was Put On Trial For Murder In 2003

The bogus sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's funeral was accused of burning a man to death in 2003.

Fake Interpreter Was Put On Trial For Murder In 2003
The New York Times

The increasingly odd story of Thamsanqa Jantjie, the fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial, has taken yet another twist.

"A relative and three friends of the bogus sign language interpreter at the Nelson Mandela memorial service say he was among a group of people who actually burned a man to death a decade ago for stealing a TV set." (Via WAVE

" were placed around the men's necks and set on fire. He was among two people went to trial for the killings — but the authorities determined he wasn't mentally fit." (via KOKI)

The alleged incident supposedly took place in 2003.

‚ÄčThis newest revelation comes just days after South African newschannel ENCA reported the interpreter was previously arrested on charges of murder, attempted murder, rape, theft, property damage and kidnapping.

Most of the charges against him were reportedly dropped after it was ruled he was mentally unfit to stand trial. 

Jantjie says he suffered a schizophrenic episode during the ceremony that caused him hear voices. (Via The New York Times

"My physical state was not fine. But, it's not a justification of everything. It's just I want to put it in the clarity that I was not fine on that day in question." (Via ITN)

All of this as he stood just feet away from some of the world's most powerful individuals. (Via NBC