Victims Identified In Deadly Calif. Bus Wreck

Authorities identified at least four of the 10 people killed in Thursday's crash including one student, two chaperones and a college recruiter.

Victims Identified In Deadly Calif. Bus Wreck
Los Angeles Daily News

‚ÄčFamilies still looking for answers about loved ones involved in the California bus crash received more bad news Friday as the remains of some of the victims were identified.

One of the most recent students identified was El Monte Union High School athlete Adrian Castro, whose parents ID’d his remains Friday morning. (Via NBC)

Los Angeles Times Reporter Adolfo Flores tweeted this out in the midst of the families search for Castro saying “Adrian Castro’s uncle said his nephew died in the bus crash. His mother had to drive up last night because the family wasn’t getting answers.” (Via Twitter / @AdolfoFlores3)

The first two chaperones identified were Mattison Haywood and her fiance Michael Myvett. The northern California couple recently got engaged in Paris where they took this photo. (Via Long Beach Press-Telegram)

Humboldt State University recruiter Arthur Arzola was also identified as a victim of the crash. Arzola’s colleagues were extremely saddened, insisting he will be remembered “for his passionate commitment to helping low-income and first-generation students get into college.”

Those able to escape the fiery crash said the experience was a nightmare.

“It was hard to breathe in there. You could not see where you were going. You just saw the light from the window and could hear everybody coughing it was so traumatizing.” (Via ABC)

Students went on this trip intending to visit Humboldt State University as part of an outreach program. For many of the students, this would have been their first college visit ever.

“Those five students, part of a group of low income and first generation prospective college students.” (Via CNN)

Investigators say more than 30 people were hospitalized after the accident and a total of 10 people died altogether. California Highway Patrol and the National Transportation Safety Board are currently investigating the incident, but it is still unclear what caused the FedEx driver to run into the bus. (Via CBS)

While they wait for more answers, the surrounding communities and families affected by the crash began a memorial service today.

El Monte High School students posted two signs outside the campus and held a separate memorial for Castro. (Via Twitter / @FoxPhil)

The North Valley Community Foundation, The Los Angeles School Police Association and Humboldt State University have created family support funds to help those affected. (Via Chico Enterprise-Record)

The Head of FedEx put out this statement, “This is a tragic day for these families, and our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

Investigators say it will take a couple of months to complete the case and get detailed answers. The NTSB says they will be on the scene for the next 1-2 weeks