Family Of Michael Brown Releases Independent Autopsy Results

At the family's request, attorneys and a former New York medical examiner revealed the results of an independent autopsy on the body of Michael Brown.

Family Of Michael Brown Releases Independent Autopsy Results
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​An independent study on behalf of the family of Missouri teen Michael Brown gives some "preliminary" answers about Brown's death.

In a press conference Monday, the family's lead attorney, Benjamin Crump, and former New York medical examiner Dr. Michael M. Baden said they believe a police officer shot Brown at least six times.

They said the gunfire resulted in four wounds to Brown's right arm and two wounds to the head and that all shots hit him from the front. 

Baden, a high-profile forensic pathologist, suggested the wound to the very top of Brown's head was unsurvivable. Co-counsel Daryl Parks said it's the head wounds that show the officer unlawfully killed Brown.

CNN"It supports what the witnesses said about him trying to surrender. … We believe given those facts, this officer should have been arrested. Why would he be shot in the head? Six-foot-four man. Makes no sense."

However, KMOV reports ​Dr. Mary Case, the St. Louis County medical examiner, said Brown had fatal wounds to both his head and chest. 

Despite the attorneys' allegations, Crump also said these results are very "preliminary," and Baden also stressed his findings are offered as scientific analysis only. Attorneys do believe this autopsy will help validate eyewitness accounts of Brown's death.

CRUMP VIA ABC"It confirms our worst fears that witnesses were telling the truth. The most troubling is the head shot. It's just not justified in any way, shape or form."

The family's independent autopsy comes amid controversy over the original autopsy conducted by police. That report is complete but has yet to be released to the public more than a week after Brown's death.  

Brown's body will undergo yet another autopsy by the Justice Department. Sunday Attorney General Eric Holder requested that a third autopsy be conducted by the federal government because of the extreme nature of the case.

Although preliminary findings about Baden's autopsy were revealed Sunday night to The New York Times, reports of violence and protests escalating in Ferguson, Missouri, dominated most other national news coverage. Gov. Jay Nixon issued an executive order to bring the National Guard to Ferguson. (Video via KCTV)

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