Family Says Dallas Nurse Amber Vinson Clear Of Ebola

Amber Vinson, the second nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, is now free of the virus, according to her family.

Family Says Dallas Nurse Amber Vinson Clear Of Ebola
The Dallas Morning News / The Vinson Family

Dallas nurse Amber Vinson no longer has the Ebola virus.

According to a statement released by her family Wednesday, health officials were no longer able to detect the deadly virus in her body as of Tuesday evening. (Video via ABC)

Vinson will soon be transferred from isolation at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital, and her family says she is in good spirits.

People quotes the statement from Vinson’s mother, Debra Berry. Amber and our family are ecstatic to receive this latest report on her condition. … These latest developments have truly answered prayers and bring our family one step closer to reuniting with her at home.”

Vinson was diagnosed with Ebola on Oct. 15, just one week after the patient she cared for, Thomas Eric Duncan, died from the virus in Dallas.

Duncan was the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. (Video via CNN)

Vinson is the third American Ebola patient to receive good news in recent days.

According to the National Institutes of Health, another nurse who treated Duncan, Nina Pham, is being treated at the NIH medical center and was in good condition as of Tuesday.

And NBC cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, who contracted Ebola while he was working in Liberia, was released from a Nebraska medical facility Wednesday morning.

ASHOKA MUKPO: “I am just so fortunate to be alive.”

Though both Pham’s and Mukpo’s conditions have been confirmed by health officials, CDC and Emory University Hospital have yet to officially comment on Vinson.

This video includes images from Getty Images and the CDC.