Famous Duke Jersey Sells For $119,500 At Auction

Christian Laettner's #32 jersey from "The Shot" sold on auction site Lelands.com, becoming the site's third-highest-grossing piece of memorabilia.

Famous Duke Jersey Sells For $119,500 At Auction

In 1992, Christian Laettner came up BIG for Duke with "The Shot." Twenty-two years later — his jersey is scoring big, too.

Laettner's #32 just sold for a hefty $119,500 at auction to an anonymous buyer.

The jersey was put up for sale on sports memorabilia auction website Lelands.com and, ESPN reports, it's [quote] "believed" to be Laettner's authentic jersey. For almost $120K? Hope so!

According to CBS, Laettner's jersey became the third-highest-grossing item ever by the auction website — tailing behind a Honus Wagner baseball card that fetched more than $650,000 and a Jackie Robinson rookie card that netted more than $400,000.

And a writer for Bleacher Report says with such a high price tag, it should come with a few extras. "For that price, Laettner had better show up and regale you with a retelling of the moment and a live reinterpretation of how it all went down. For that kind of money, Grant Hill had better show up and toss you some passes as well." 

But, don't expect that to happen any time soon because Laettner isn't seeing any of the money. 

Sporting News reports Laetner wasn't the owner of jersey. The owner was reportedly a college friend of his who asked for the jersey after the game, and it's been sitting around ever since.

If any of this sounds familiar, that's because Michael Jordan's "flu game" shoes were sold just last month for almost $105,000 by a former Utah Jazz ball boy who simply asked for Jordan's shoes after the game. (Via Gatorade, Sports Illustrated)

A poll on ESPN asked  readers which one they'd rather have — Laettner's jersey or Jordan's flu shoes? The winner was Jordan by a wide margin.