Father Files Restraining Order Against Son's Alleged Bully

A father who says his 9-year-old son was bullied at school has taken a dramatic step to protect him from the boy who's allegedly responsible.

Father Files Restraining Order Against Son's Alleged Bully
ABC / Stephen Feuder

A father who says his 9-year-old son was bullied at school has taken a dramatic step to protect him from the boy who's allegedly responsible.

"A northern California father tired of his son being bullied at school has decided to take action against the alleged bully by filing a restraining order." (Via KFSN)

Stephen Feuder says his son was assaulted earlier this month while he was trying to protect a fellow classmate.

"Apparently, the little boy laughed, ran around the track, came back again and punched my son in the face." (Via ABC)

After his son told him about the alleged assault, Feuder says he had no choice but to get the restraining order because school officials refused to do anything about it. (Via KDFX)

As you might have guessed, a restraining order against a grade schooler is a pretty unusual situation for local police.

“Commonly for us, it’s a domestic violence situation. Obviously this is a little different. You know, I guess as a parent, you have to do what you have to do.” (Via KOVR)

Now, there's no rule against the restraining order. But, in order for it to go into effect, it must be served within five days — and the school district has refused to release the alleged bully's name and address to Feuder because of confidentiality laws.

A school official told ABC, "Bullying is a serious issue and we understand that. ... [But] we just can’t expel somebody and kick them out of school, there are certain laws we have to follow.”

Feuder is scheduled to appear in court April 2 to convince school officials to release the boy's full name and address so the restraining order can be served.