Father Of Murdered NYC Toddlers Is Captured In Texas

Twenty-eight-year-old Miguel Mejia-Ramos was captured by authorities, who believe he was trying to flee to Mexico.

Father Of Murdered NYC Toddlers Is Captured In Texas

A mother and her two young daughters were found stabbed to death in New York City. Now, the woman's husband — father to those girls — has been arrested in Texas.

"Twenty-eight-year-old Miguel Mejia-Ramos was captured early this morning not far from San Antonio. The bodies of his 1- and 2-year-old daughters and their 21-year-old mother were discovered in their Queens apartment Sunday night." (Via KCBD)

WPIX is reporting that he was trying to flee to Mexico when captured and that according to family members, Deisy Garcia had filed a harassment complaint about her husband months ago because she was afraid for her life. 

The 21-year-old and her daughters were stabbed multiple times. Police say Ramos is considered a suspect in the murders right now. 

Quickly after the bodies were found, authorities had named Ramos as a person of interest. After the murders, he had disappeared. Police remained in the area. (Via WABC)

Neighbors described Garcia, who was originally from Guatemala, as a happy woman who loved her daughters and was always with them. 

"Friends say Garcia was religious and often attended the Church of God in Jamaica. The family is now praying for the loved ones they leave behind."


"We pray for the family now." (Via WCBS)

They noticed her absence at church Sunday morning.


"It was kind of strange because she dances, and the people that dance always go." (Via WNBC)

The 1-year-old girl had just celebrated her first birthday last week.