FBI Captures SF Man Wanted For Explosives Threat

Ryan Chamberlain was taken into custody by San Francisco Police and the FBI Monday after a three-day manhunt.

FBI Captures SF Man Wanted For Explosives Threat

The manhunt for San Francisco man Ryan Chamberlain ended Monday night.

"Ryan Chamberlain's face pressed to the ground of a Crissy Field parking lot. Multiple officers surrounded him — tried to hold him down."

"He was considered armed and dangerous. During a weekend raid of Chamberlain's apartment officials found explosive materials."  (Via KPIX)​

The search had gone on for three days. He was caught near the Golden Gate Bridge. The 42-year-old sent out an apparent suicide note Monday, describing depression and financial troubles.

ABC reports Chamberlain used his ATM card while on the run, so he didn't seem to be trying too hard to hide. Authorities had been searching for Chamberlain since Saturday.

It's unclear what led authorities to search Chamberlain's apartment in the first place, and those who know Chamberlain are surprised by what's happened.

A woman who'd worked with him told KTVU she was "tremendously dumbfounded." 

As USA Today reports, Chamberlain had a wide-spanning career, he'd written music reviews in the 90s, worked for Sen. Chuck Grassley and even as a promotional director at Hooters' in Des Moines.

KNTV calls him a well-known social media expert. The outlet says the FBI issued a nationwide alert over Chamberlain because he had family in many states.

Chamberlain was set to appear in court Tuesday.