FBI Raids 91-Year-Old’s Home For Priceless Collection

Donald Miller of Indiana spent 80 years collecting thousands of artifacts from more than 200 countries, but did he obtain these objects legally?

FBI Raids 91-Year-Old’s Home For Priceless Collection
Fox News / WISH

It sounds a bit odd — a 100-person team led by the FBI raids a 91-year-old Midwestern man’s home.

But what they found inside is pretty odd too — a collection of thousands of artifacts. They’re Native American, Russian, Chinese — the items represent more than 200 countries and about 80 years of work. (Via WISH)

Work done by Donald Miller of Indiana. But the FBI’s issue is that the work he did to collect the artifacts might not have been legitimate — they’re worried treaties and laws could have been violated. (Via WTHR)

So, they’ve been investigating Miller for months. They say he’s been cooperative, and it’s unclear right now if he’ll face any criminal charges.

Miller apparently showed many people his collection and kept the items in good shape. (Via WXIN)

Authorities are saying the cultural value of the collection is “immeasurable.”

The Indianapolis Star quoted a professor of anthropology who is helping..."I have never seen a collection like this in my life except in some of the largest museums."

Now, experts are cataloging the items and trying to find their origins. The process could take weeks or even months.