FDA Updates List Of Potentially Dangerous Hand Sanitizers

The FDA says ingesting "substantial" amounts of methanol can cause issues including nausea, headaches, blindness and even death.

FDA Updates List Of Potentially Dangerous Hand Sanitizers

The FDA has updated a list of hand sanitizers found to contain a toxic ingredient.

As of Friday, the FDA said at least 59 hand sanitizers are believed to contain traces of methanol, or wood alcohol. That alcohol, if absorbed or ingested in "substantial" amounts, can cause issues ranging from nausea and headaches to permanent blindness, seizures and even death.Some of those products include Klar & Danver Instant Hand Sanitizer, Blumen Advanced Hand Sanitizer and Shine and Clean Hand Sanitizer.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, the FDA is warning shoppers to watch out for products that make misleading claims about being able to kill viruses like the coronavirus. It also cautions consumers to avoid any hand sanitizers that are labeled as "FDA-approved," since it does not approve any hand sanitizers.

The CDC suggests people use soap and warm water to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% ethanol if water isn't available.